Ref NoNP.35
AdminHistoryThe history of the Presbyterian church in Winterborne Kingston can be traced back to 1672 when a license to use the house of Richard Woolfreyes as a place of worship was granted by the Crown. This early flowering was short lived however, the license being withdrawn with the abandonment of the Act of Indulgence in the following year. By the nineteenth century the Presbyterian faith was once again being served in Winterborne Kingston. In 1845 a Sunday School was built and opened, while the people of the village found themselves being served by a number of pastoral preachers. A permanent place of worship was founded in 1855 when a Mission Chapel of Blandford Congregational Church [see NP.34] was opened in Winterborne Kingston. The chapel prospered, so much so that the chapel was enlarged in 1884. The twentieth century however saw a decline in worshipper numbers and by 1982 the congregation had dwindled to such an extent the chapel was closed. In 1985 the chapel building was sold.
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