Ref NoDCC/A/19
TitleCounty Planning Advisory Committee;. County Planning Committee;. Planning Committee;. Planning and Transportation Committee;. Planning and Economic Development Committee;. Environmental Services.
AdminHistoryThe first meeting of the County Planning Advisory Committee was held on 9 January 1936. The Committee was known as the County Planning Committee 1 July 1948-1974 (Planning Committee 1969-1970). The first meeting of the Planning and Transportation Committee was held on 17 May 1973. The Committee became known as the Planning and Economic Development Committee 1993-1997. As a result of Local Government Reorganisation in 1997 the Committee became known as the Environmental Services Committee incorporating Planning and Economic Development and Transportation Committees. It became the Environmental Services Scrutiny Committee from April 1999: its sub-committees being the Planning Sub-Committee, the Transportation Sub-Committee and the Countryside and Conservation Sub-Committee..
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