AdminHistoryThe Dorset Yeomanry has undergone a number of changes in its history and these have been listed briefly below:. 1794 formed as the Dorset Regiment of Volunteer Yeomanry Cavalry, known as the Dorset Rangers. 1803 the Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry Regiment. 1843 the Queen's Own regiment of Yeomanry Cavalry. 1869 the Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry. 1888 the Dorset Queen's Own Yeomanry. 1900 the 26th (Dorset) Company of Imperial Yeomanry. 1902 the Dorset Queen's Own Imperial Yeomanry. 1908 the Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry. 1914 the 1/1 Dorset Queen's Own Yeomanry. 1915 the addition of the 2/1 Q.O.D.Y. disbanded in 1919. 1916 the addition of the 3/1 Q.O.D.Y. absorbed in 1919. 1922 the 375 and 376 (Q.O.D.Y.) Field Batteries R.A.T.A. brigaded with two Somerset batteries to form the 94th Dorset and Somerset Field Brigade R.A.T.A... 1928 the Somerset batteries were replaced by the 224th T.A. Battery (the Brigade now being all Dorset) see also D/DOY/B. 1928 it became the 94th Q.O.D.Y. Field Brigade R.A... 1937 the 218th Field Battery was added. 1938 the 94th Q.O.D.Y. Field Regiment R.A. (T.A.) and then the 94th (Dorset and Hants) and 141st (Q.O.D.Y.) Field Regiments R.A.. 1942 the 141st Q.O.D.Y. Armoured Field Regiment R.A.. Post 1945 the 141st became the 341st Q.O.D.Y. Medium. Regiment R.A. and the 94th the 294th Q.O.D.Y. Medium. Regiment R.A.. They were both later reunited in 1950.. 1961 amalgamated with the 255th West Soms Yeomanry and Dorset Garrison Medium Regiment R.A.(T.A.) to form the (T.A.).
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