TitleGeorge Bankes M.P.
DescriptionGeorge Bankes (1787-1856) - married Georgina Charlotte Nugent Bankes (1799-1875) in 1822. They had 11 children:

Georgina Charlotte Frances Bankes (1823-1903) - married John Floyer (d1890)
Maria Margaret Bankes (1826-1837)
Edmund George Bankes (1826-28 Jan 1860) - married Rosa Louisa Bastard (1827-6 Apr 1878)
Henry Hyde Nugent Bankes (1828-1883) - married Hon. Lalage Vivian
Adelaide Bankes (c1830-1878) - married Charles Wriothesley Digby (1802-1873)
Edward Dee Bankes (1830-1843)
Frederick Wynne Bankes (1835-1837)
William George Hawtrey Bankes, VC (1836-1858) - died at Lucknow, India, and was awarded a Victoria Cross
Augusta Anne Bankes (1833-1880) - married Edward W. Douglas
Octavia Elizabeth Bankes (1833-1855)
Wynne Albert Bankes (1840-1913) - married Florence Mary Anne Fane in 1873

George Bankes was a respected, but limited politician for Corfe Castle until 1832, and then for Dorset in 1841. He was involved in the Corn Law debates, and was suggested by George Bentinck as his possible successor. Bankes also wrote "The Story of Corfe Castle and of many who have lived there" and "Brave Dame Mary" which may have exacerbated the story of his ancestor.
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