Ref NoD-BKL/H/J/7
TitleMiddle Eastern and European drawings
DescriptionWilliam John Bankes arrived in Syria (southern Palestine) from Egypt in the last few days of 1815, and left for Cyprus on 26 Jun 1816. He returned to Syria from Cyprus (having travelled in Greece and Asia Minor) in October or November 1817 and left for Egypt in August (circa) 1818. Nearly all the drawings and copies of inscriptions which are listed in the catalogue were done between the above dates. None of the drawings were dated by Bankes, but it is possible to assign dates, or probable dates for many of them based on his travel journals [D-BKL/H/J/4], correspondence [D-BKL/H/J/1] and the books of Giovanni Finati, James Silk Buckingham, Irby and Mangles, and others.

Many dates given therefore are supported by documentation, but not all are. We do not know exactly when Bankes visited certain places and therefore cannot date the work done there, and it is known he visited some places more than once, making dating more difficult. Some of the 'finished' drawings or watercolours would have been completed after the visits to the actual site had been made, and some were probably done upon Bankes' return to England, possibly with a publication in mind.

The following bibliography was used to compile and inform the information in this series of the catalogue:

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