Ref NoD-BKL/H/J/3
TitleObservations on art and architecture
DescriptionWilliam John Bankes' notes and essays, with general observations, comments on styles, buildings and objects.

This section lists documents written by William John Bankes, they are a record of his observations and acted also as 'aide-memoire'. The documents include memoranda about particular places visited, buildings, paintings, and sculptures seen, discursive essays on particular styles, techniques or topics and notes about artists adn architects. Many of his observations may have provided ideas for the work carried out at Kingston Lacy house.
The documents range from short jottings on small scrappy pieces of paper to essays which are several pages in length. Often in the case of essays or longer notes there are several draft versions. The majority are written on thin paper and the handwriting is not always easy to decipher. some of the papers consist largely of extracts in Italian from works relevant to his subject. The papers are largely undated, the majoirty were written during William's exile in Italy (1842-1855). There are also some notes made during his earlier travels in Western Europe.
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